July 25
By Mike

Hi, My name is Mike Brook, I'm the webmaster, owner and operator of this here website "Millionaire Palace". 

I don't know what you want from this site or what you expect and to be honest neither do I!

The idea was simple and it seems that once I start getting visitors, it should be quite effective. I try to make myself a Millionaire within the next 3 years and my readers/ visitors come along for the ride, reading and listening to what I'm doing and make money themselves.

The logic is there, but what I do next is not?

I need to learn from my mistakes of the past and pass them onto you as you teach me from your mistakes. In this event I'll set up a forum if we get enough followers and users.

I will be spending money to make money, but it will be minimal and will only grow as my profits grow. I will not be sticking with one thing either, I'll use anything to make money, so long as it is within my ethics and doesn't harm others - you don't call me the chamber of commerce (see what I mean or download the full movie).

I'm already looking into gambling, stock market, marketing and much more. If I hit on something big, everyone on my newsletter list will hear about it first, then I'll post it to this site (unless of cause the offer has ended) - so sign up on the left to get the heads up.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me, into the realms of riches, or at the very least a better way of life and worry free.

With regards