just Been Paid

April 26
By Mike

Hi, I just a quick post today.

I have, only today, discovered "Just Get Paid". It is a passive income generater and all I can find is good reports for it...

Want to know more...

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This Will Make You Money

September 5
By Mike

Though It may not Be What You are Looking For!!!

Ok, I think most of you will be looking for ways to make money in Internet Marketing and we will get onto that at some point, Sorry to disapoint you if you thought it was going to be today.


You see, this site is called Millionaire Palace -  The reasoning is because, I WANT To Be A MILLIONAIRE andMoney Money Money I WANT A PALACE (or at least a large Mansion) I'm not going to get them if I put all my eggs in one basket, nor are you - presuming that is the reason you are here.

As such Internet Marketing is NOT going to be the only focus of this site, Though now I've gone through getting traffic, my focus is going to be on making money using any means that I find that I'm happy with and which can be replicated.

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The "low-cost" revolution

July 26
By Mike
$7 Secret

 Last week I invested in another run of the mill ebook about online sales and making money.

Not expecting much I handed over the dosh and got back my 30 page report. It's the best money I've spent for a long while - all $7 (about £4)of it...

, let me tell you -

There are hundreds of "gurus" on-line who want to sell you products for $297, $497, $997 or more that they claim will show you how you can earn a living online. Don't buy them.

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